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MRSA: The Painful Lesson as to why I need regular pedicures!

Ever since the birth of my children, cosmetic and feel good procedures for mommy always come last. Most of the time, they don’t even happen at all. So it is no surprise that I haven’t had a pedicure¬† in months and over the past few years I could count them all on one hand. Last week I had a small cuticle that was irritating me. Against my better judgement I pulled it out. Instantly I knew I had made a horrible mistake. By the third day, my big toe was swollen and extremely painful. I was living on Ibuprofen and Percocets just to make it throught the day with my 3 children. Don’t even get me started on trying to fit my swollen and red toe into tennis shoes. By the 4th day, I knew there was something wrong…very wrong. I limped into the doctor’s office and discovered that I did not just have any ordinary infection..I had MRSA infection. For all of you out there who haven’t already been aquainted with MRSA, it is known as Methicilline resistant Staph Aureus….Another words, It is a monster bug that is hard to treat with antibiotics. I had to go to a podiatrist land get part of the nail removed and the toe cleaned out under local anesthetic. MRSA is nothing to play around with, it is a nasty bug and should be treated immediately. People are hospitalized every day with MRSA infections and some even loose fingers, toes etc to the infection. In especially immunocomprimised individuals, MRSA can even lead to death if not caught in time.

So a word to the wise, NEVER pull a cuticle out of your toe, NEVER play with a hang nail etc.. And maybe just maybe Mommy needs to take care of herself as good as she takes care of her kids. Maybe I’ll keep those regular pedicure appointments after all!!

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3 comments on “MRSA: The Painful Lesson as to why I need regular pedicures!

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  2. Paula
    July 20, 2009

    Methicillin Resistant

  3. Charles
    May 15, 2010

    Your title is ironic as most MRSA infections originate at the nail spa. Foot spas and soaking tubs that are not disinfected properly (and almost none of them are) are a breeding ground for MRSA and necrotic fungi. It would also be a good idea to bring your own set of nail care utensils next time you go for a pedicure.

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