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What was I thinking?

So I am a new blogger. There I’ve said it. Until recently I have existed a non technical life. I could email, I could surf, but that was about it. I lived a life of diapers, PBS Television and Popsicles and slowly I could feel myself slipping away. Where? I wasn’t sure, but probably somewhere between boredom and dullness. I knew every Thomas the tank engine character and every line from Finding Nemo, but the war in Iraq….not so much. Then my third child was born this past February and I decided that “mommy” needed to have a life. So much of my day was spent as an octopus mom…baby on one hip, hotdogs in the other. Raising 3 children under the age of 5 is challenging but there are little tricks I have learned along the way. So what did I decide to do..I decided to RECREATE myself. I began writing again and started submitting my essays to magazines and online sites. I decided to open up my own website for parents and mothers everywhere. My experience as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse has given me a wealth of information on everything baby. My website ( appropriately named http://www.octopusmom.com) is a parenting website that will eventually be a one stop site for all moms. My vision ( and yes I do have one) is to create a site that moms can bookmark and refer to on a regular basis for all their parenting needs. You can log on and find links to the best recipes, parenting tips, and cleaning tips as well as product and website reviews. I realized that my days would be so much easier if someone could tell me how to effectively multi-task with children…instead I did what everyone else does and I figured it out by trial and error. Hopefully other mothers will add their advice and tips on the forum and on the site and a virtual support group for multi-tasking moms will be formed. So this blog is my attempt to chronicle the life and times of an octopus mom who is trying to recreate herself. Join in the fun and the misery. I am sure there will be plenty of each. Now I have to go…the baby is frantically waving his arms at me and I think the dog has peanut butter stuck to his mouth.


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