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Trading Star Wars for Worms

I have always tried to limit their T.V. watching, but it never occurred to me why until just recently.  After Ethan was born this February, my father-in-law bought our oldest son- Aidan- a playstation game so he could play Lego Star Wars. Needless to say it was a huge hit! He would sit and play for hours and  I am ashamed to say we let him.  We were still getting used to life with three children and the Playstation Games were are real lifesaver. So, for the first few months we let him play away; after all, the weather wasn’t that great and we weren’t going many places.  Then Summer hit..hooray!!! One particular day, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful 72 degrees outside. Like any good mother, I turned the video games off and told Aidan that he needed to go outside and play. I put him outside on our deck with some trains, hotwheels cars, and books. You would have thought I was killing him…..he just didn’t know what to do! He moped and moaned, begged and pleaded to go inside and then he said it……

“I don’t want to play outside, I just want to play videos!”

That was a real shocker…how had I let him get this far? I did not want to raise a child who couldn’t play outside and use his imagination. When I was little I remember playing for hours outside with a carton of Popsicle sticks and a tub of glue! This is not what I wanted his childhood to be like—cooped up in a dark bedroom, living inside the television. And so the video games were picked up on a high shelf and they were only allowed to come out on rainy days.

The first few days were hard. Heck the first few weeks were tough, but gradually  Aidan learned to use his imagination and play outside with just a handful of toys and nature. We played Play Dough on the deck, he made Alphabet letter out of sticks, and even dug for worms. This was the childhood I wanted him to have. He was happy, I was happy and all was right with the world…. Then a storm came through the other day, and true to my word I pulled out the video games. About 15 minutes after I turned them on, Aidan came into the kitchen.

“MOM!” he called,” I don’t want to play video games anymore, when is it going to stop raining, I want to go play outside!”

YES! Mission Accomplished!


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