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Why we love Batman

Why does everyone love Batman? What is it about the caped crusader that makes us flock to theaters by the thousands and makes little boys (and older ones) giddy with excitement? Is it the black mask, the cape? Or is it something much deeper that makes Batman one of the most beloved super heroes?

There is no shortage of superheroes that grace comic book covers and Saturday morning cartoons. A short list of the most famous superheroes would include Superman, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, and of course Batman. But what makes Batman different from all the others? What sets him apart from the droves of superhero wannabe’s whose comic books end up in the trash?

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Bruce Wayne (A.K.A. Batman) is the only one of the “popular” superheroes who does not possess any real super powers. He was not bitten by a deranged bat, nor did he fall into a vat of nuclear waste. Batman is just an ordinary man, who believes he can do extraordinary things. His powers are self-discipline, passion, and a righteous sense of justice, and he fights crime with push-ups, knowledge, and hard work. His devotion to improving Gotham City shows us all the importance of community involvement and good citizenship. While most of us can’t fight the Joker, we can coach community little league teams or participate in habitat for humanity.

Batman is also the most vulnerable superhero. His obsession with ridding Gotham City of crime prevents him from maintaining relationships of any kind. While all superheroes lead a lonely life, Batman remains the most aloof and vulnerable of all the superheroes. Maybe it is because we realize that Batman alone chose to become our hero. While other superheroes were thrust into the spotlight, Batman chose to dedicate his life saving ours. Every day he dons his black cape and mask, he makes the conscious decision to become Batman, to remain alone. During the day, he masquerades through Gotham City as Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy and man about town. But at night, when the Bat Signal calls, he becomes the ultimate public servant once again choosing us over himself.

Like the rest of the world, he has unresolved issues from the past. But unlike the rest of the world, he doesn’t blame society for his misfortunes; instead he chooses to better it. There are no counseling sessions for Batman! It’s the Batmobile instead of Prozac, the Joker instead of Dr. Phil. Instead of self-help books, maybe we should be reading comic books instead. His struggle to rid Gotham City of evil parallels his own struggle to rid himself of the demons that continue to haunt him. One is often left wondering if he is trying to prove his goodness to Gotham City or simply to himself.

Whether you are a fan of Batman, or just seeing him for the first time, chances are you will find yourself identifying with the caped crusader. Behind the black mask, lies a superhero with extraordinary human traits that continue to make Batman one of our most favorite superheroes of all time.

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