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Potty Training, Constipation, & the Blues

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Just when I thought we were in the clear…my 4 year old son started having accidents in his underwear. Nothing too major, but enough to bring my otherwise jovial mood down a few notches. Let me back track by saying that potty training Aidan was nothing short of climbing Mt. Everest..impossible, challenging, and all up hill.

We started potty training him around a year ago and at first things went as expected. He was our stubborn child, so we expected potty training to be challenging. He would get pre-occupied with playing trains and just “forget” to go to the bathroom. I spent many evenings washing pillow cases and bed sheets. Still, by the end of the summer, he was potty trained and ready for preschool. Then about a month after we thought we were through with the messes..he started having poop accidents in his underwear. At first we tried to be gentle, non judgmental and positive, but that quickly wore off as the weeks went on. Then it occured to me that something might be physically wrong with him.

After taking him to visit the pediatrician, we found out that Aidan suffered from chronic constipation. Those “accidents” he was having were the result of poop escaping past the blockage and into his underwear. He wasn’t even in control. We started him on Miralax and things have improved. I am trying to encourage him to drink more liquids in the form of popsicles and fruit juices and I am trying to remain patient.

Remember, if your child seems a bit more stubborn than usual about potty training, it might not be his fault. He may be suffering from constipation or a urinary tract infection, so keep your pediatrician informed an in the loop.

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