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Breasfeeding gets easier Part 2:

In response to my previous blog “Breastfeeding Gets Easier…I swear”, I had a LLL consultant comment that my thoughts on breastfeeding were a bit unrealistic.  I have breastfeed 3 children and do help with breastfeeding support in the NICU, but my views are my own, and in my experience are not very unrealistic at all. Let me clarify by saying that all babies are different. Some breastfeeding babies will want to nurse every 3 hours for months and months. Others, will never completely sleep through the night due to different metabolisms and parenting styles. I encourage all of you to read her comment as it was very articulate and thorough. In my blog, I simply wanted mothers to know that the way you feed your newborn is not the way that a 6 month old will need to eat or a 1 year old. MY babies did thrive on nursing 4-6x a day by the time they were 4-6 months old..that is not to say that yours will as well.  I just wanted new mothers to know that it does change, things do get better, and sometimes if you stick with it, you will find it isn’t as hard as others would have you believe. If you have made it past the first 2 months, then you have undoubtedly made it past the roughest time. YOU may find that like me and so many of my friends, things get soooo much easier once they are past the 4 months mark! If things don’t get easier, don’t panic..babies are all different, and milk content is all different. Just keep breastfeeding your baby as long as you can…it can get easier,  so hang in there.

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One comment on “Breasfeeding gets easier Part 2:

  1. surrogate
    July 22, 2008

    Yes, you have given some good details.

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