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Thunder + Lightning= One very tired mommy

Thunder+Lightning= one very tired mommy

Thunder+Lightning= one very tired mommy

Last night it stormed. Not your usual rainstorm that produces a rhythmic pitter patter that is sleep inducing, but rather the Crash-Boom, shake the whole house kind of rainstorm. The first one of my children to become disturbed  by the rainstorm was Aidan, my 4 year old. He trotted down the hallway at 1:00 am sputtering sleepy garbled phrases about the lightning. I cuddled with him in our bed and then carried him down the hallway back to his bedroom at 1:30. At 1:45 (RIGHT as I was falling asleep), my 3 year old daughter, Madeline, cried when the thunder shook the floors.  She crawled in bed with us and  promptly fell asleep in my arms. I faithfully carried her back to bed at 2:00 a.m. I nestled under the covers, convinced that I had tucked them into their beds for the last time, when I heard Madeline cry again. I walked BACK down the hallway and laid with her for a few minutes until it thundered again and I realized that she would not be sleeping in her bed tonight!  So up she went, back into our beds and I tucked her in next to my husband and looked at the clock— 2:40. I laid down with her and briefly fell asleep. Then Ethan started to cry. I looked out the window, cursed the rain, and trotted BACK down the hallway to comfort him. After 15 minutes, he was asleep in his bed and I returned to our bedroom only to realize that I no longer had a spot! I nudged my daughter over and curled up next to her…3:20. I fell asleep. This morning wasn’t my best morning…as you can imagine. Nap time can’t come soon enough.

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