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Finding Minutes: Paying Bills with 3 year olds

Need to pay the bills, but your 3 year old won’t let you sit down? Paying bills while trying to watch your children is a real multitasking problem. But not anymore…Try this trick. Open all of your bills and place the old envelopes, mailers, and other junk mail in a pile. Give your child a small box or two and have her sort them— envelopes in one box, mailers in the other etc. Then hand her some crayons ( or markers if you are brave) and tell her that she is the postman and needs to write letters to send to everyone. My daughter sat there for 20 minutes coloring the envelopes and sorting them “like Mommy”. If you have an older child. Hand them an old checkbook and a calculator and have them practice their math skills and enter the problems into the checkbook register. Simple and easy!! Then when you are done, store their checkbook by yours for the next time!

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