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Ditch the Baby Weight without Ditching the Baby

When you are a mom, and especially when you are an Octopus Mom, you need to use every minute of the



day. EVERY MINUTE. We have the same number of hours as everyone else, we just have to cram more stuff into it.  So along with packing lunches, helping with homework, breastfeeding the baby, and cleaning the house, we have to find time to “WORK OUT”. Like most moms, I don’t always want to drop my kids off at the babysitters to use the gym, and with increasing gas prices, gym memberships are one area of the budget that is disposable. If you want to loose the baby weight (and lets face it—who doesn’t), you will need to find a way to workout WITH your children around. There are several ways you can do this:

1. Take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood. If you are lucky enough to own a double stroller, pack the kids in it and hit the streets. You will burn extra calories pushing the stroller up and down hills, while working your leg muscles. If going solo sounds too boring, invite a friend along for some much needed girl talk while you are walking.

2. Enroll in a stroller fit class. Most gyms, YMCA’s, and even Mom’s meetups, offer a stroller fit class. A stroller fit class is a workout class that uses the stroller for dips, lunges, and other fun activities. Walking is mandatory and you usually get to sing fun songs and play games with the kids while you workout.

3. PLAY with your kids. I spent 10 minutes playing chase in the backyard with my 4 year old. HE IS FAST! We were dodging each other, running up the hill, and tackling each other. It was a great workout and we were building a bond at the same time. You could play tag, football, soccer, or even tickling is a great workout.

4. Use your baby as weights! I often hold my 6 month old and raise and lower him while singing. He laughs and giggles while I am working my biceps and triceps. Next, place him on his back and do push ups while kissing him on the way down….great for the shoulders and arms. Then place him in your lap while you do sit ups to kiss his nose. Always keep him balanced, and always go slowly so he won’t get frightened or hurt.

Try these great tips next time you need to workout and life gets in the way. Just another multitasking tip from Octopus Mom.

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