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Am I in Labor? How should I know??

My 9 month pregnant girlfriend called me up today a little distressed. She is only 4 days away from her due date and STILL no baby. Since I am a veteran mom (3 children in 4 years) she thought that she could turn to me for ALL The answers. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the answers that she sought. She wanted to know what every mom to be wants to know….”How do I know when I am in labor? How do I know when labor begins?” Since 2 of the 3 of my children were induced, I didn’t have much to offer. I told her the usual lines about loosing your mucus plug and possible water breaking all being signs that labor is beginning. I told her about contractions getting stronger and more frequent as a sure sign that the baby was on her way. But in the end I told her that only TIME would tell her. With my 3rd son, I began to feel BAD..My back ached and my stomach ached. After 24 hours I began to get concerned. Contractions weren’t starting, but I felt miserable, so my doctor suggested I go to the hospital to have them check my cervix. I went and they put me on the monitor…no contractions…so she checked me…no dilation…Then, while the nurse was out of the room I began to have contractions..every 3 minutes and they were getting stronger. When she came back to see me in 30 minutes, she was baffled. Going into labor is a mystery. No matter how many children you have, no matter how many times you have done it, it is new and different every time. I wish that I knew the secret…the one sign to look for that would tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were in labor. But I know this much…if you think you are in labor..there is a good chance that you are. Call your doctor! But here are a few things to look for…

1.Uterine contractions that are increasing in intensity and duration. They should begin to come regularly every 10 minutes and they should start to be uncomfortable.

2. You loose your mucus plug. Look for a large and rather disgusting blob of mucus one day when you go to the bathroom.

3. Constant Backache can be a sign of Back Labor

4. Water Breaking. This is the best sign..can’t miss it! If your water breaks or you think it has broken, call your doctor immediately. Usually doctors like you to deliver 24 hours after your water breaks.

5. If you have something important to do that day, or if there is a HUGE snow storm..chances are your baby will pick that day to be born..But Seriously, all jokes aside..rest assured knowing that no matter how your labor begins…you won’t miss the ending and you will be there every step of the way.


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