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Getting Kids to Drink More Water: Octopus Mom Tip of the Day

Now that the summer is here..I mean REALLY here, kids will need to drink more water. With the heat climbing, and the long summer days, kids spend more time outside…at the parks, at the pools, riding their bikes.etc.. All that time outside in the heat will result in dehydration, heat exhaustion, or even heat stroke. But getting kids to drink more water can often be a huge challenge. Most kids can’t be bothered to “remember” to drink while they are playing…especially when what you want them to drink is boring old water. Try these great tips to help your child consume more H2O!!!

Zsuzsanna Kilián/www.sxc.hu

copyright:Zsuzsanna Kilián/www.sxc.hu

1. Try flavoring the water a bit with slices of oranges and lemons.

2. If citrus fruits don’t excite your child…try freezing their favorite juice or Koolaide in ice cube trays..then use those flavorful and colorful ice cubes in their drinks. Pour lots of water on top and watch them guzzle it up!

3. Buy cheap but reusable water bottles at your local drug store or dollar store. MAKE SURE you get a different color for each child. We found cute 1L bottles with different colored tops. Every day I fill the bottles up with cold water and the kids think it’s great to have their own SPORTS bottle to drink out of. Since they have their own  color, there is NO FIGHTING over them and I know exactly how much water each one of them has had that day.

4. Make your own Popsicles! When you make your own popsicles, you can decide how much fruit juice, sugar, and water to add. Being in charge means you can make Popsicles that are mostly flavored waters. Vitamin Water makes a great Popsicle!!

5. Have a water drinking contest..When your kids are really hot and have been playing outside a bunch..fill up glasses with cold water. Set a timer and see who can drink the most water the fastest. This solution isn’t a long term solution, but can make drinking water fun in a hot situation!

Remember not to Force your children to drink water…there are rare but serious conditions that do result from TOO MUCH WATER. If your child isn’t thirsty..it’s okay..just keep offering water and other flavored beverages frequently throughout the day. IF you think there is a problem, or if they refuse to drink at all contact your pediatrician to rule out illness.

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