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Brangelina ‘s Twins First Photos are worth HOW MUCH?????

According to the Associated Press, the first photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s twins were sold jointly to People Magazine and a British Tabloid for…ARE YOU BRACING YOURSELF…$14 million dollars!!!  People magazine will release these expensive celebrity photos of twin babies Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon on Monday.The money will go to a foundation created by Pitt and Jolie that focuses on helping children around the world. The money the couple earned last time for pictures of their daughter Shiloh also went to a children’s charity.

So that got me thinking…what were other celebrity babies worth?

1. Jennifer Lopez and her twins: $6 million
2. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and son Pax: $2 million
3. Christina Aguilera and her son Max: ~$2 million
4. Nicole Richie and daughter Harlow: $1 million
5. Gwen Stephani and Kingston: $575,000
6. Jamie Lynn Spears was paid $1 million the pregnancy announcement

his summer ushered in a Hollywood Baby Boom with Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, and Jamie Lynn Spears recently giving birth. Surely these newest Hollywood additions will command a hefty paycheck to sit in front of the camera. It seems like the public just can’t get enough of celebrity baby photos and glossy magazines are paying the price.

Is it worth the price?

With millions of dollars being paid out every year to actors and actresses turned mom and pop, the question remains…”Is it worth the price?” The large national magazines say YES! Vanity Fair who gained exclusive baby photos of Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri Cruise saw sales increase 60% that edition. Luckily for Vanity Fair, they paid nothing for the photos and Tom and Kate got great publicity. No matter what the price, magazines are flying off the shelves. Maybe the fans like the chance to see their favorite celebrities turn into normal people, with spit up and drool on their shoulders. Maybe we just like seeing that their babies look no different from ours (despite the posh strollers and thousand dollar accessories).

In this era of greed and soaring prices, some celebrities, like Tom Cruise, are refusing to cash in, and that is a refreshing change. In 2002, Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick stunned the paparazzi when they exited the hospital and actually posed for cameras. With hundreds of photographers snapping thousands of photos, no one picture was worth any real money. Instead of taking the coveted $1 million dollar photo of baby Wilke, the disappointed paparazzi found themselves taking pictures everyone in town owned. Maybe more actors and actresses will surprise us this summer with their selflessness, but in reality I think it will be the price tags that continue to surprise us the most.


3 comments on “Brangelina ‘s Twins First Photos are worth HOW MUCH?????

  1. Carol
    August 3, 2008

    Unfortunately, the bigger the money is to be made, the greater the temptation to exploit the opportunity. As the owner of a baby business, (http://www.babychaleco.com/) I am repeatedly pitched by PR agencies and celebrity event managers to send free gifts to celebs in the hopes of boosting my company’s profile. When I explain why I won’t use this particular marketing strategy — because it exploits the celeb’s children, and involves a donation to those who need it least — they all think I am crazy, or at the very least naive.

    Yes, I know this decision denies my company a higher profile than it might otherwise have, and it’s hard to buck an undeniably successful strategy for selling baby wares. But I have to believe that there are parents out there who care about a high-quality product enough to buy it without the “permission” granted by seeing it on a celebrity’s child first. I’ll take the testimonials of satisfied moms, dads, or grandparents over a celebrity photo op any day.

  2. Custom Draperies
    August 4, 2008

    The best wishes to those two angels. I’m sure they’re going to grow up and be just as gorgeous as their parents are. Hopefully, now that they’ve made the photos public, the media as well as the public will give them some breathing room so that they can enjoy their family’s company.

  3. media boy
    August 5, 2008

    I guess Brangelina finally cashed in on their gossip empire… smart move

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