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If I Say This ONE MORE TIME..Parenting Humor

As a mother of 3 small children, my life is nothing if not redundant. Even as I am typing I am wrestling with a rowdy 3 year old as she climbs over me like a human jungle gym and repeating the phrase..”not while mommy is on the computer” for the millionth time! There are phrases I repeat over and over again every single weekend…and no matter how many times I say them, the kids ALWAYS seem surprised to hear them! Here are my top 10:

1. Put the light Saber down and eat your peas!

2. The baby can not play Kung Fu Panda with you…and he is not a Jedi.

3. No, we can not go to the store to buy another Thomas the Tank Engine (like we need any more things with wheels in my house)

4. WHERE is Ethan’s burp cloth??

5. Put your shoes on, we’re already late!

6. NO you can not have cookies for breakfast…or candy either

7. Color only on the PAPER NOT ON THE WALL..


9. Mommy’s Breast Pump is not…I repeat NOT a space ship.

10. If you get out of bed ONE more time, I am taking a sticker off your chart!!

What funny phrases do you find yourself uttering????

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2 comments on “If I Say This ONE MORE TIME..Parenting Humor

  1. K. Jayne Cockrill
    August 2, 2008

    I was a young mama of four daughters under five years old. They kept me busy to say the least. Like the labor pains of childbirth, a lot of my personal misery has faded with time. But I can remember frequently repeating, “Don’t say that!” or “That’s not very nice.”


  2. starrbuckdaddy
    August 3, 2008

    Those are hysterical!

    As a teacher, I find myself saying things like that, even in middle and high school…

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