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Cartoons: They Just Don’t Make em’ Like they Used to!

We recently upgraded our cable to satellite and we now get the Disney Channel. I have been rather disappointed by the quality of programming the Disney Channel has on most days”. Most shows ( especially in the evenings) feature whiney, spoiled preteens acting nothing like I want my daughter and son to one day behave. But every now and then I will catch an older Disney Movie that is on..like the Jungle Book or 101 Dalmatians. So when I saw that they were airing new Mickey Mouse cartoons, I got a little excited. I have many fond memories of watching Donald Duck battle with the chipmunks, Goofy learn to ski, and even the Silly Symphonies while curled up on the sofa before bedtime. But what was on TV was hardly the interesting cartoons I remembered. Mickey was now overly digital and his sickly sweet voice and bubble like features were disappointing to say the least. The cartoons were empty…very little plot, very little thought, and rather base. I know they are only cartoons, but they seemed to represent a disturbing trend among companies today.

“It doesn’t matter about the QUALITY of programming we show children…as long as it’s full of bright flashy images, commercials, consumerism, and politically correct characters.” I miss the old cartoons. And then I found it..nestled in the video aisle at Target…the oldies.

Disney has released a series of DVD’s no doubt aimed at parents like me. These videos feature all the classic Disney cartoons from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. This set called ” Classic Cartoon Favorites Vol 1, 2,3, 4 etc.. was only a mere $9.99, but to me they were Priceless!!

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One comment on “Cartoons: They Just Don’t Make em’ Like they Used to!

  1. loraliberty
    August 5, 2008

    I completely understand what you mean! I always thought that my daughter would grow up with high morals and standards, but now that she is 13 and is coming into her own I find that everything I tried to teach her about responsibility and ethics has gone out the window. Television has become WAY too liberal for our children, and for ourselves. If I want to watch nuidity, adult situations, and cursing, then I will go watch or rent a rated R movie, but I believe that televion is supposed to be entertainment for the family. I was born in 1970, and I cannot remember my parents using a ratings filter.
    And we wonder why our teenagers are becoming pregnant at 12 and 13 years old, and we wonder why there is so much crime in our country. I think that most of it stems from right in our living rooms.

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