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Couple FORGETS 3 year old in Airport: TRUE STORY

Today I read an article on the Yahoo homepage. Apparently the Israeli couple with 5 children left their 3 year old daughter behind on accident when they rushed for their departing flight. The couple said that they were late for their flight and in the chaos accidentally left their 3 year old behind. They were not aware they had left her behind until 40 minutes later when the cabin staff informed them. The little girl was re-united with her parents after she took a later flight. I am not sure why it took them 40 minutes to realize their daughter wasn’t with them. But whatever their reason, this story really outlined my basic fears behind being a mother with small children close in age. I am in a constant state of panic that I am either going to forget one of my children amidst the chaos or I am eventually going to lose one of them. Luckily, neither has happened, but I remember my grandmother recalling similar stories. Some of my friends even have similar but not as dramatic stories of children left behind briefly only to have the minivan come to a screeching halt…and the months of guilt they felt. SO, in an effort to keep track of all my children, I have assigned them numbers. When we get into the car, I count them. 1…2…3! Yep all here. Keeping our children close and in our sights is a daily chore. Who hasn’t heard a panic stricken mother in a department store cry out ” Billy…where are you??” Our hearts jump and ache…knowing the sheer terror that is going through her body. Those minutes without him are the longest minutes of your life. Most of those cases end thankfully with the 3 year old hiding playfully in a clothing rack, but those instances shave years off our lives and make us hold on that much tighter. HENCE…..the kiddy leash. Denounced as cruel and unusual by most of us in our single twenties, as mothers…we now see their importance. If a backpack bear with a leash will keep our kids from scaring the daylights out of us on a regular basis and from becoming another milk carton statistic…GREAT! As moms with multiple children (Octopus Mom’s) we need all the help we can get. What unique ways do you keep track of your children? Have you ever left anyone behind?

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