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Mom! There’s a Caterpillar on my Train Tracks!

Yesterday, my husband brought home a bag of corn from the office. One of his incredibly nice mid-western co-workers brought in their surplus harvest! Our son, quickly emptied the bag and took it to his room to play with his Thomas trains. (What he needed the bag for, we still don’t know) All of a sudden we hear Aidan yell…

Aidan: “Mom! There’s a Caterpillar on my Train Tracks!”

Me: “Oh really (skeptical tone)…What color is he?”

Aidan: ” Green and black”

Me: “Is he a big caterpillar?”

Aidan: ” NO..he is little..”

Madeline: ” MOMMMMM COME SEE!!!!!”

At this point I begin to take them seriously and race into their room. Lo and behold..there was a small green caterpillar on his train tracks…just like he said. The poor caterpillar was inching his way down the tracks as fast as he could…obviously terrified by his sudden change in environment and the fact that he had a rather mischievous 4-year-old staring him down. I scooped him up and carried him into the kitchen. According to my internet research we are now the proud parents of a corn caterpillar or corn earworm ( although I like the sound of caterpillar better than earworm!). I sensed the opportunity for an easy lesson on caterpillars and butterflies so I decided to keep him and hopefully raise him into a MOTH!

Madeline and I rinsed out an old pickle jar and we put lots of old corn leaves in the jar. Soon we will put soil in there as well so he can burrow in to enter his pupae phase! So far, our little caterpillar ( which the kids have affectionately named BEE BEE) is doing well and eating!! With any luck..in a month we might have a Moth we can release to the wild.

So you can imagine what I will be writing about soon…yep you guessed it..COMING SOON>>> LESSON PLAN FOR PRESCHOOLERS #2: Caterpillars and Butterflies!

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One comment on “Mom! There’s a Caterpillar on my Train Tracks!

  1. Rubber Tracks
    November 18, 2008

    Awwww! Thats rather cute to have up on the blog… 🙂
    I cant wait to have a pair of kids myself too! When the day comes I’ll be waiting by my keyboard to write something so cute like yours! Thank you very much for enlightening my day, you’re the best!

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