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Not Without My Daughter: True Story of the Day

A one month old baby, born by a surrogate mother, is stuck in India because officials won’t let her biological father take her home. Crazy? Well it gets even crazier. The father, a Japanese man, had his sperm and a donor Indian egg implanted in an Indian surrogate mother 9 months ago. The father and his Japanese wife apparently divorced soon after the fertilization and the ex wife wants nothing to do with the baby. The father; however, does and wants to take his little girl back home to Japan. But in India, there are no surrogacy laws (first mistake) and so the father would then have to legally adopt the baby in order to take her back to Japan. So what’s the Problem you ask??? Well in India, they also have another sticky law that states that no single male is allowed to adopt a little girl. Right! So now the little baby is stuck in limbo between a father that wants her and a country that’s wrapped her up in red tape. Her father has returned to Japan for business and is anxiously awaiting for passports and other official documentation. The little baby, luckily, is being cared for in India by the paternal grandmother. (Thank God for that). But if these legal matters aren’t worked out..she could end up an orphan. Where’s Brad and Angelina when you need them???

So what I first thought when I read this, was WOW..that poor baby. I mean really, the baby is the one who will suffer if her father is not allowed to adopt her. She didn’t ask for any of this.  But the second thing I thought is..They have a law that states that no single male is allowed to adopt a little girl! Well I know why. But I was really disturbed at the fact that there NEEDS to be a law to prevent sick and perverted people from adopting little girls for sexual pleasures, sex trade, slave etc. That there are that many people in the world who would consider doing such heinous acts that the government of an entire country felt the need to write a law forbidding it. Now another innocent child is caught in the web of bureaucracy.

Oh what a tangled web we weave….

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3 comments on “Not Without My Daughter: True Story of the Day

  1. alanbbc
    August 12, 2008

    Oh, Thanks! Really amazing. Big ups!

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  3. nonamee
    September 25, 2009

    ok,that helps a bit,kinda confusing at the beginning but i got it!(: lol

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