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A Blog, is a Blog, is a Blog? Why do we Blog?

For all of the bloggers out there, I pose a simple question. Why do we blog?

I have read blogs about the lives of people I will never know, never see, and never even meet. But I know what they think about sex, what horrible habits their husbands have, and why living near their mother in law is hell on earth. I have also read blogs that are more like mini businesses, touting their wares and products. There are the blogs that are like mini websites—chock full of useful information pertaining to their area of expertise. Expert advice on saving your relationship, optimizing your website, and even growing your own vegetable garden are all available in blog format. Then there are the blogs about current events. Bloggers eager to break down political maneuvers and global affairs aim their witty satire towards the web hoping to enter the upper echelon of the blogger elite.

So whenever I hear someone say, a blog… is a blog… is a blog right?? I am amazed.  Read a handful of blogs these days and you will find that no two are really the same. The unique voice of it’s writer always manages to shine through, for better or worse. You could be sucked into reading the personal diary of Doogie Houser, or the sexual ramblings of a Carrie Bradshaw.

But no matter what style of blogging you prefer and no matter what type of blogger you are, one thing unites us all.  In this world of many and in this fast paced lifestyle we lead, all of us have the desire to be heard. To have our voices rise above the din of society and have another person hear it. To know that somewhere thousands of miles away, your thoughts, your desires, your secrets can touch and change the life of someone you don’t even know. Separated by wars, religion, race, and oceans, the internet has given each one of us the power to reach out and influence the world one person at a time. To have our voices heard, to know that what we think matters to someone else out there, to know that we are not alone….THIS is why we blog.



One comment on “A Blog, is a Blog, is a Blog? Why do we Blog?

  1. ashleecakes
    August 9, 2008

    How very true! I wish my brother would blog – in our basic conversations alone he blows my mind. I would love to hear what he would write, about any topic at all. So why do you think you blog?

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