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Dad Lets Kid Drop High School to Watch Movies??

I read an absoultely amazing article today. David Gilmour let his teenage son drop out of high school and watch movies. Shocking I  know, but in all reality it was smart. The father said his son was failing out every year and having a rough time. Confident that he would loose his son if he continued on that route, he allowed him to drop out of school..but it was with a catch. The boy had to watch movies with his father who was a film critic. He educated him by allowing him to ease into adult life. He took on a few jobs and eventually got his GED. He is now persuing a career as a screenwriter!

It really made me stop and think. Not everyone is cut out for school. Not every child is meant to become a doctor or a lawyer. There are plenty of children who are done a diservice by parents who force them to attend high school and college. These children may be better served by going to a trade school and learning a craft. They may be happier and more productive members of society if they are allowed to follow alternative pathways. Then there are the homeschoolers. Many children can not fit into the rigid public school system which does its’ best to teach a wide variety of children. Otherwise intelligent and bright children often fail out of high school and loose self esteem because of social immaturity and conflicts with peers. While I certainly do not recommend that children be allowed to “do whatever they want”, this article sparks much debate about the effectiveness of traditional school programs. Parents everywhere need to listen to their children and consider alternative methods of education if things aren’t going well.

Check out the entire article:

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