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Jeep Jamboree Birthday Party

If you are looking for the most unique and most talked about birthday party ever…look no further. My uncle sent this to me and I knew immediately that I had to add it to my blog and soon to my website. For my cousin’s birthday party, he decided to throw her a Jeep Jamboree!! He let the grass in his backyard grow rather large over the next few weeks leading up to her party and got a mound of dirt delivered. Just before the party, he mowed a pathway weaving around the backyard and over the dirt mound. He had several friends and neighbors lend him Battery powered Powerwheels kids cars and Jeeps..then he charged them all overnight and had them ready for the party. The kids took turns on the various cars driving them all over the pathway and over the dirt mound. They played outdoor games and had a Jeep birthday party cake. They even had “Welcome Race Fans” banners and decorations..and had a finish line!

Here is his version of the course!!

“I believe Carly was about 5 and we threw her a “Jeep Jamboree Party”  At the time we had one ‘Powerwheels Electric Barbie Jeep” and I borrowed 4-5 more from friends and neighbors. I made sure they were fully charged and ready to go, the night before.
Two weeks earlier, I set the lawnmower on the lowest setting and made a track all around the backyard. I then ordered a truck load of dirt and filled in the track. The Track had a “Starting Line” with a banner over the Track, then your drove up a dirt hill (about 2 feet high) and then down into a gulley (about 2 feet deep) out the gulley, around a turn, then up onto a wooden bridge (about 15″ high with safety rails so they coulded drive off the side). Down the back side of the bridge into a “banked turn” , then over half-burried garden post logs (very bumpy) around another banked turn, then a small straightaway, then alternately dug “pot holes”, another turn and into a tunnel made from palm leaves from the nearby woods and out of the tunnel to the finish line.”  (Submitted by Al Templet)


3 comments on “Jeep Jamboree Birthday Party

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  2. brad mydat
    March 5, 2010

    wow what a great idea. sounds like you went to a lot of trouble and had a great time. if you would like the same type of party and dont want all the hassle check out our website.

    but A+ for effort.

  3. Lenore Cutting
    June 11, 2010

    I wrote a similar blog on this subject but you nailed it here.

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