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Now that Obama is President…can we finally do away with Affirmative Action?

With the election of America’s first African American president, the country is left wondering….is it finally time to get rid of Affirmative Action? OKAY…I don’t normally post on politics, but something has been sitting in my brain for the last few days..maybe I will write an article on it, maybe I will just make it a blog post. But hear me out…

The highest position in our country..PRESIDENT…is now an African American ( In case you were in a coma it’s Barack Obama). One of the highest (if not the highest) entertainers in our entertainment industry is an African American( Oprah Winfrey). Some of our great writers are African American ( Thomas Sowell, Maya Angelo). Our highest paid sports figures are African American ( Reggie Bush, Vince Young etc..)…SO it begs the question….do we really need Affirmative Action anymore.
If an African American can reach the highest pinnacle of politics in this country by his own merit..a position undreamt of 50 years ago, do we need Affirmative Action? This country has proven in this election that the COLOR of a person’s skin doesn’t matter as long as that person is the best candidate for the job. Barack Obama did not win the election because it was mandated that a certain number of our presidents be a minority…and Condoleezza Rice did not win her position because it was mandated that a certain number of black women be in the White House. They are where they are because they worked HARD, and were BETTER than their competition. Instead of Affirmative Action, we need to be telling our youth that the color of your skin doesn’t mean anything..you will not be prevented from a job NOR will you simply get a job because you are black, latino, or a woman. If you can beat the other candidates out..you will go far in this country. No matter who you are, YOU Can be president and beat out a older white man who is a decorated war veteran, if you work hard and make the right decisions.

Now is the right time to do away with the crutch that is Affirmative Action, so our country will finally begin to see beyond color. Sure..you will always have people who are prejudiced, you will always have people who hate white people too…and businesses who don’t hire you because you don’t fit in with their other employees…but Affirmative Action only sends the message that you don’t have to be the best at what you do…obviously Barack Obama proved that this country isn’t as racist as the media would have you believe..that the majority of this nation truly believes…if you are the best..this country will let you go as far as you would like…..track star, movie star, billionare,…….President of the United States….


One comment on “Now that Obama is President…can we finally do away with Affirmative Action?

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