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My mother hasn’t had a hot meal in 15 years!!

This Chrismas I were watching the classic “Christmas Story” for like the 30th time in my life. As usual the older I get, the more lines I catch that begin to have meaning now. When Ralphie  and the family are sitting down to dinner, he watches his mother get up and down from the table getting people food, drinks, utensils etc.. and he remarks ” My mother hasn’t had a hot meal in 15 years!”. This year, that line really hit home. I don’t remember the last time I sat down to eat at the table and finished my meal without getting up, filling drinks, cutting food, feeding a baby, or scolding someone. Dinnertime at my house isn’t my favorite…yet.. Hopefully as they age, I will not have to yell, “Sit down and eat your dinner or I’m setting the timer”. Hopefully I won’t have to serve dinner to a chorus of “AWHH MAN…This looks yucky!”

Until then, I will continue to teach my children table manner, cook healthy meals and set a good example (and yes from time to time send them to bed without any supper). And I look forward to the day when I can sit down at the table and enjoy my dinner…and maybe even finish it while it is still hot!


One comment on “My mother hasn’t had a hot meal in 15 years!!

  1. Bonnie's Mother-in-law
    January 13, 2009

    Speaking from experience, I’m not sure you’ll ever truly enjoy a meal that you’ve cooked yourself. What you have to look forward to is the meal your (now grown) child cooks for you! That is splendid and gratifying.
    Mama Connie

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